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The Montana Nonresident Elk License is sold by computerized random drawing.  The deadline for application submission is April 1st. 

Montana has a preference point system for nonresident applicants. Preference points improve your odds of drawing a license. The maximum number of preference points allowed is three.  Preference points cost $50. each.

If you hope to hunt Montana in 2022 you must purchase a 2021 preference point now! The deadline to do this is September 30, 2021. With the 2021 preference point, and the two preference points you are eligible for by booking with an outfitter, you will maximize your chances of drawing a license in 2022.

There are 17,000 nonresident Elk & Deer combo licenses available.  This license is called the General Big Game Combination License and is priced at $1080.00.  It includes licenses for elk, deer, upland bird and fishing.

If you choose to purchase an elk license without the deer tag, it will come from the same pool of 17,000 licenses.  The stand-alone elk license is called the Elk Combination License and is priced at $920.00.  It is titled a ‘combination license’ because it includes upland bird and fishing along with the elk.  The title often leads to confusion.

There are 4,600 nonresident deer licenses available from a separate pool of licenses.
The stand-alone deer license is called the Deer Combination License and is priced at $650.00.  It is titled a combination license because it includes deer, upland bird and fishing.

Fish, Wildlife & Parks will begin accepting online elk and deer nonresident license applications on March 1st of 2021.  Application must be made by April 1st to insure you are in the spring drawing.

Online application can be made at FWP’s website:

The drawing will take place in mid-April and licenses will be emailed to you in early May.

Nonresident black bear, wolf and mountain lion licenses are sold on FWP’s website.  There are no quotas on the number of these licenses sold, but there are specific dates associated with the purchase and waiting period before validation.

Black Bear: $350.00        Wolf: $25.00        Mountain Lion: $320.00

5x5 Bull - 302 B&C
5x5 Mule Deer - 164 B&C
6x6 Bull - 317 B&C